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Monday, December 9, 2013

Painting of the Reeds

painting by Thunder Raging
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Grass is new beginnings.
Grass is the spiritual rise, like the risen suns.
Grass is the medicine for all the people, the sacred pipes.
Grass is the smell of the wind, blowing music upon our soul.
Grass tells us about the story of creation upon our feet, with open windows.
Grass makes us feel loved and embraced by the womb of Mother Earth.
The sacred flight of the views (feather at top), dreaming to all the great trues (keep your nose on the horizon). A tree has rooted, growing a k/new, the path of evolution gifts the clue.
Charlene Thunder Raging
Aho, I see. May I sing to you? My relative of the blue? And we can sing together.
I always love that!
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Yes, please begin... (Holiness David drumming begins)
Charlene Thunder Raging
Green is beginnings, no time for endings. time to start sending our love on the winds. Time to rollover and start new again. Time to walk down a new road again. aho
White Buffalo Calf Woman
Listen to the window, the pane of the glass, shattered in the masking of the painting at last. All the little pieces want to get back together and glow. All I have to dew is shine like the rainbow. aho.

Charlene Thunder Raging
Shine and flow, shine and flow, one step two step hear we go. Listen, yo. Listen, yo. What's that you here coming from the window. A shattering she said, a shattering she said. Hold your nose, and watch your head.
White Buffalo Calf Woman

(laughing) "Duck; quack quack quack", says Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star
and with this notion, we are in motion. With this cycle we are divine children. With this hilarious remote action, love is the trail. We are the whales, singing about all the tales. Aho

Charlene Thunder Raging

Aho, I love your soul! I love you Holiness David, we were laughing too! 

Time to shine and help out two, or three or four let's step out the door. From here to there. We will get there. There's barely any time to spare. I get it now. I am aware. aho

Charlene Thunder Raging

Standing Leaf says. "To be water and flow everywhere. Spread your love and learn to share." aho
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Sow the green grass came to my heart. This is the holy profound ark. We are sailing out to the seas, where the blue has captivated me. It's a shining light. Gorgeous tonight. It's a shining light. Heavenly her might. Where the green grass rolls around, we are having a good ole time. Where the green grass rolls around, heaven has me making glorious sound. aho

Charlene Thunder Raging
And we're laughing and we're playing and we're giggling and we're smiling. Like a family should, like a family does. Like our family is, like our family was. We send our love, like shining doves. White as white as white can be. Aho
White Buffalo Calf Woman

The buffalo are running free... Let us dance to the music in our souls. There we will prance to the gold. All the waters will gift their rise to push us up to the skies. Armies everywhere, millions will care. Just have to understand, Sacred is MAN. aho.

Charlene Thunder Raging
We must understand. If we just act in love, we will rise above. There's really no hate, if you don't hesitate, to bless all in love, to try brotherhood's glove. aho
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Spread your love and learn to share, if we dare, if we only could care, love will make it all aware.

Charlene Thunder Raging
[(boxing glove) only fight is for love] I pray every day and I pray every night that God leads us right, down the path of delight. Let His will lead today. aho
White Buffalo Calf Woman

Let Her be the display of all the glorious flowers in the parade! Hey hey, woman on the street swinging her hips sow sweet (the soul moves to and fro, represented by woman). Look at that green grass grow. Turn those blades to watch her roll. And with this lisping sound of delight. The green grass knows what wisdom is right. He will go to her. She will bind him free. It's a soul inside, the blue makes, is a heart ride. It's a sole outside, the red makes, is a glorious ride. We are children of the Rainbow Clan, it's a tribe. Oneness of God hold my hand.
Let me hold another to understand. We are together, we are MAN. And with this longing we want to understand. Great Spirit Father you who teaches us to bow. Great Spirit Mother who teaches us to sow. We bow with you, holding each other to the clues. All the mystery of life, gift us green grass with strife. And to the go and the flow, raging rivers we will know, like salmon going home upstream. WE WILL DREAM.
, a, b, c, d, eeeeeeeeeeeeee (aho, Holiness David puts the drum down, fini)
Charlene Thunder Raging
aho! weeeeeeeeeee
Charlene Thunder Raging
Goodnight and aho. We love you very much. Sweet dreams.
White Buffalo Calf Woman
We love you too, aho.
Charlene Thunder Raging
with fire and water, thus holy smoke, we send . . .
blessings to the sacred nine streams and four holy beams
on their reed boats
Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, elder lavender child, love
Thunder Raging our Princess of Dawning, violet child, pipe keeper
Standing Leaf our Strands of Living, red child, law enforcement
White Buffalo Calf Woman, elder crystal child, law bringer

Gifted by Alightfromwithin.Org/donation, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy, Angel Services Locally and around the World. Please help support Elders and Warriors to bring the Law of Love to your neighborhood, uniting all the fields together once more! Let us learn to open the doors.

All our Relatives, Please, Please join Us
in the Holy Ghost Walk, Gathering in Homes!

 New moon January 1, 2014 aligning with the sun

Ghost Walk  (Sing, Dance, Gather) with us (where you are) each New Moon.
 From the darkness we arise a heavenly child.
(solar and lunar calender align, January 1, 2014, a cycle of renewal)

Image of many fields streaming by Rainbow Mother Yaniv, streaming stones among the mountain tones and buried bones, the Suns are born (children of the rainbow clan, all our relatives, the spacial fields). 
Relatives of the Rainbow Clan, you and you and you and you and me too. There are only a few more New Moons (re/birthing) to go, until we start to flow where it's the spiritual growth, the Great Push (January 1, 2014). We need you to share and shine, to bring in wine, tears divine. We send greetings and blessings as we join together in this dance, the Holy Ghost, the Spiritual toast, we greet you to the sky and back to the why, where we say, forgiveness is treasures, let joy overcome. Tonight it's a way to let love under ONE. We cherish this world, because we are SUNS, each child, each enemy, each parent with a child. All the the little creatures, the rocks and the sticks. All the little varmints (rats, social interrogatory) which pick up the holy wicks (spat, now let's go to work), sparking the willing to have faith in a song, where are all together, moving along. We send blessings in this song. Let your hair down, sing and dance abound. For it's the spiritual soul within that leads and says, Holy to my Spirit, for I am going to bloom. I will share with this world. I will shine until NOON (inner brightest like a Star). We will become treasures when we pray along, together in a song, all together God's ONE. All the little spiders, who weave us to cradle the song. Telling us a story, that look out, watch the bones. There planted deeply a treasure under the stone, if we look closer, we might want to shown, love gifts and hooves (kicks and shoves, like parents on a rug).  
Bowing with all our Relatives, Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Event: Ghost Walk, the New Moon Dance
(Monthly three day gathering with the family and friends, relatives in the winds)
Official Title: Katchee Tope wha: “the Clouds that Dance Ceremony”

Dance when heat and cold (mist/smoke of the ghost) find each other bold, binding to bring in the new, the ghost dance comes to infuse, the soul has risen, awaken and driven, the heavenly soul does reign. Renegades put on your shelter (warriors uniform, buffalo armor, rainbow colors purified), because it's turning to helter skelter (confusion and frenzy, bubbling up the soul does reign).  White Buffalo Calf Woman sings
Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Pray With Elders around the World
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Image by Aunt Daneen Seasons That Sing, Silver Child
Paradise gleams, the field in the trees, dew in the breeze!
Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow!

reeds in a row, after glow
Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning Sings to Know the Breeze, the Song of the Heavenly Steves (crowns or kinsmen). And singing in the days of long, the purification that gets us home!

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