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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Sharing Running Free's song

Hello Rainbow Warriors,
I am sharing someone else's post tonight. I just feel so in tune with it. Thank you Running Free Screaming Eagle for sharing your heart with us. Even if it was 3 years ago, we still feel it. ;) Love you.
Charlene Cordova aka
Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning, violet child, rainbow warrior of prophecy.
Buffalo Robe: violet, aqua, magenta, gray


This Day Forward I "Walk and Talk" Love and Respect

I bless all the nine sacred directions, to all the brothers and sisters of the rainbow warriors of prophecy,

Today no more anger...no more hurting...these other events and what the white people seek out and their values....have steered me wrong and made me crazy....today, like everyday and yesterday.  I work on not following those roles and traditions of a gambler, partier, violence and disrespect....

People who drink alcohol, they will never be my guide in this walk of life anymore. Stay away from me... (instead) teach me to stay strong and feed what is given to me this day forward to love and (also to show) respect...

Teach me to forgive and too forget (dwell on happiness instead)...leave anger and those who preach it...surround me and help me find my way back to those who only want to love (and) be loved...

I must remember when I wake up... (to) bless all the nine sacred directions and ask for help on my journey...I ask for that hourly...I will one day become the strong warrior I once was...

I beat the drum today and the days before...looking for that song and to make my heartbeat in tune with it and its ways...I wake up and ask for the guidance and hourly I ask for the help of those who hear me.  I am yet new walking this road, forgive me if I say or ask for something that is offended you...I truly do not mean that...but, show me how to do this the right way.

Aho. Ahom - mikwich I bow to you all and humble myself
Running Free aka Screaming Eagle
violet child, Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy

Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning Sings to Know the Breeze, the Song of the Heavenly Steves (crowns or kinsmen). And singing in the days of long, the purification that gets us home!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Poem In Progress

Hello Fellow Rainbow Warriors,
Sharing a blog post with you today called "Poem in Progress". Enjoy.
Charlene Cordova, Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning, Violet Child, Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy
Buffalo Robe: {Violet, Aqua, Magenta, Gray}

Ephesians 5:8 - 
For once you were darkness, but now you are light in the Lord; walk as children of Light [lead the lives of those native-born to the Light]

2Timothy 4:2-4 -
Herald and preach the word. Lead by example.

Quick prayer first.
Today I want to pray for the weak in heart and spirit. The ones who are sick and tired. God, please help the lonely and broken-hearted. Heal their faith today please. Please put a smile back on their face. Thank you God for this life and these lessons and all your glorious blessings. Thank you for teaching us so much while you can't physically be here, even though we know that you are because you are the Great Spirit and we know you are inside each and every one of us because you gave us the Holy Spirit as a pledge or a promise that we are adopted into your kingdom because of your Holy Grace, so I want to thank you again God. Please help us follow your will and not ours with each step we take and with each new day. Thank you. Amen.

"Poem in Progress"
I'm gonna find me./ I'm gonna be me./ I'm gonna find balance, in this life that I lead./ -in the scary in-between-of me and the me I should be- /I'm gonna think differently. /Not gonna pre-judge - or mis-lead-/I'm gonna think single, like there's no one to judge./ I'm gonna keep smiling, keep a smile upon my face./Gonna get started, and stop running in place./ Gonna go ahead and pick up the pace./ Gonna start training for this race,  with a smile upon my face./ Not gonna put off until tomorrow, what I can do today./ I'm gonna make a difference, in somebody's eyes today./ Not gonna worry bout consequences or the games that they play./ I'm gonna make a difference, with just the smile upon my face./ I'm gonna open their minds today and change the way they think./ Gonna make sure they think to pray, before they think to say./ Not gonna let them hide and seek.; Cos there's no reason that I see,/Why any of that has to be./ When we've already been set free./ All we have to do is believe./If there's no fear and you believe, then you're protected just like me./ You're protected, so it will be, so it will be, so(w) it will be(e)!/ There is no fear, oh can't you see?/ Can you just believe, that loving with love is truly the key./True love is the release, from what you hold captivity/ True love will set you free./Just smile and feel relief and help set somebody else free./This life that we all lead./Should be joyous and not full of grief./Do not lead it in misery./You're smile will help you see, that it's not all as bad as it seems./Just be who you want to be and be proud of the life that you lead./Love God and your life, family./He didn't send us to feel defeat./He sent us so we will believe, that He has set the world free./Just open your heart and you'll see./Overcome, and then you will see./All along, you held your own key../Take hold of your destiny../God's with you and God is with me./All your friends and all your family./The ones that you can and can't see./Even they have all been set free,/With love, they can turn the key./So, put a smile on your face for today,/And tomorrow you'll know what to say./And you will then find your way./On the roads that God has paved. On the roads that God has done ~Aho~

Hebrews 10:39 - 
But we are not of those who shrink back and are destroyed, but of those who believe and are saved.

John 14:1 -
Let not your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in me.

2Corinthians 5:6 -
God gave us the Holy Spirit as a pledge

Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning Sings to Know the Breeze, the Song of the Heavenly Steves (crowns or kinsmen). And singing in the days of long, the purification that gets us home!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

I Haven't Been Singing Lately

Hello Relatives!,This little song (poem below this paragraph) came after my Elder scolded me in an email message and she brought some things to light that I have been ignoring. :) Praying today for the lonely, the broken hearted and the ones who just feel like they've gotten the rotten end of the deal. I pray that they no longer feel that way and that they know they are never alone and that their broken hearts are healed. I pray for all the not well and sick people to be healed and to remember that everything we need God has given us. Even the power to heal ourselves. I firmly believe that. I pray that when we've let it (our illness or sickness) go too far, that we find or attract to the certain people we need to help us heal. I pray we not get too far down on ourselves before we remember how loved we truly are. With blessings to the sacred nine streams and the four holy directions. In blessing myself, I bless the world. I say thank you God, for all your blessings and gifts. Amen
Thunder Raging sings:
I haven't been singing lately.-I know that that much is true.-I haven't been praying greatly.- I haven't been sharing the view.-I believe in the prayer and it's power.-To make miracles happen for you.-I believe it to be(e) the truth.-So(w) today I am praying that lately, we remember to pray and pray daily.-That we remember to bless; say thank you.-
I pray for the great and for the mighty.-To help all the prayers, to reach you too...to reach the view.-To send them out, in to the crowd.-We can do this, without a shout.-It is the power, of coming together.-Of letting all our lights(colors) shine through.-
That is the power of us praying.-There is more power, than just you saying.-That you wish, there was something you could do.-Than feeling like, you have no clue.-
But the power of your thoughts(hearts) and of mine.-Is what we need, all at this time.-Cause someone somewhere, needs our voice.-Someone somewhere, is needing prayer.-They're needing help. Out of despair.-So(w) today, let's all pray, for every one to find their way......
I have listened more today than I have given yesterday.-I have casually played along.-Read over stories, read over songs.-I told myself I got along.-That I wasn't in the wrong.-I said I was joining in.-Coming and going.-Just like the wind.-Like a kid just getting by.-Not getting A's-Because they didn't try-That's how I feel, I'm living life.-
So(w) instead, I'm going to start.- And I'm going to start, this all today.-Cause it's never bad. And never is it too late.-There is no timer, at this gate.-It's up to you.-God knows the way. He knows the time. He knows the day.-That you are going to break away.-From all the things that make you late.-So don't you worry, if you hesitate.-Just make a choice, to start today.-And do your best, more everyday.-Until it's nothing, that makes you strain.-Till you feel like you are, part of the game.-
Now, if I share, I share my voice.-No more using another's choice.-I will speak, speak from my heart.-I will always make a start.-I will pray and pray today.-I will pray some everyday.-Until I get back, to good old ways.-No more hiding, just out of sight.-No more living, half a life. ~Aho :)

Hope you enjoyed it. Love to you all.
Charlene, Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning, Violet Child, Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy
Buffalo Robe: {violet, aqua, magenta, gray}

P.S. Hope we’re all doing a lot of praying today. Lot’s of broken hearted people who need healed. Thank you God for all the healing today. Amen.
Romans 12:14 – Bless those who persecute you; bless and do not curse.
Psalm 103:2-5 -
Let my whole being bless the Lord!
    Let everything inside me bless his holy name!
Let my whole being bless the Lord
    and never forget all his good deeds:
how God forgives all your sins,
    heals all your sickness,
saves your life from the pit,
    crowns you with faithful love and compassion,
and satisfies you with plenty of good things
        so that your youth is made fresh like an eagle’s.
Psalm 103:20-22 – 
You divine messengers,
    bless the Lord!
You who are mighty in power and keep his word,
        who obey everything he says,
    bless him!
 All you heavenly forces,
    bless the Lord!
All you who serve him and do his will,
    bless him!
All God’s creatures,
    bless the Lord!
Everywhere, throughout his kingdom,
        let my whole being
    bless the Lord!

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