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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

(Song Transcribed) I Am On My Way~Charlene sings to show us Spring~

(Song above, at top of blog, so you can listen along to the song)

Hear I go Here I go

Sailing Winds come to me
I will see/sea the Coming Breeze
Let me know how to dig my Soul into the Roots
That's where I grow
Here I flow Here I go
I got to go down in the Valleys Flow
Here I go Here I flow

I got to get to the Mountains Glow

Here I flow
Here I flow
I'm on my way to solid gold
Here I go Here I flow
I'm on my way to Heaven Knows
I love my place I love my world I love the place that God fullfills(fulfils)
Garden Grows in Skies Above
I've got to have my relatives of love

I'm on my way for all to see/sea

I've got to say I'm on the Breeze

Floating Clouds you sent me
Tell me stories I've got to seek
I'm on my way to Heaven Sent
Four Glorys here and I am part of this Wind

I'm on my way can you see/sea

I'm on my way to you and me

I love my world I love it true
Four all the things that God gives to you
I'm on the trail to see your soul
I've got to know are you solid gold?

I'm on my way to Lovers in
Let me be the way to love  
I'll open that door four all too-
Who's in(Who sin)
Come on my Brother my Sister True
You've got to open that door too Know You (to no you)
You've got to see the face inside forgive your sins and open wide

We are here to save this world
We are here to love instead of kill
We are here to bring anew
To polish this world to a Sacred True

Hey hey
I'm on my way Can you see/sea?
Over Blue Over Red
It's a place I got to bee
Relatives come on home
I got to be right here on the phone(speaking to God)

(You) see/sea my prayers sending in the winds
Because Heaven sends me to you
The blue Relatives (of) True I'm with you
Here we go Over the Shore
Rainbow Warriors show Me True
I'm on my way to Heaven Knew

I'm on my way to Heaven Bee

I'm on my way    I'm on my way
              I'm on my way

Two lovin trees
Forest true bloom in me
I got to be the place you know

Come on brothers Sister Bee
In my heart for eternity
I'm coming home two you and me
I'm coming home to the place to bee

Heaven on Earth
I'm a Galaxy

Come on brother sister
Come Stand with me

I'm on my way Can you sea?

It's time to put your Dream On   that tree!

I'm on way to Ever Sea
hey hey
I'm gonna be the Dream
God sent me to save this Forest from eliminating thee
Sow we will grow, grow grow and Bee
loving trees in a Forest with a Breeze

I'm on my way Can you see/sea the Rainbow Trees?

hey hey
I'm on my way Come on Brothers I'm here/hear two Stay

SunDance Show Me the ways!

White Buffalo Calf Woman sings the heart of Charlene
Thunder Woman your Princess of Dawning
violet child, rainbow warrior of prophecy

Charlene Sings to Know the Breeze, the Song of the Heavenly Steves(crowns or kinsmen). And singing in the days of long, the purification that gets us home!

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