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Thursday, August 9, 2012

Look Within

I trust my life in your hands. Know you could hurt me but you won't. I trust my life and my soul, to walk with you down this road.
I give my heart back to you. We'll learn together, in truth. It might take us a while. But know we surely will smile. Might get confusing at times.
We might cross our own lines. But i know together we'll find, the perfect balance and rhyme.

I believe in this love so much. I believe it's time to step up, and now's the time to wake up.
Stand up for what you believe. Stand your ground, don't you leave.
Taking the back door
(in or out) may seem....like you found a way that's easy. Make you think you're living the dream. But what will it really mean, if you walk alone and

Who will you share it with? If they don't know you exist. What I'm saying is this......take a chance, take a risk. Put yourself out on that limb, then close your eyes and
dive in. I know you're afraid you can't swim, and of what's beneath all that grim*.
(grimness). But that's just outside; that's just the rim. Don't be afraid to look in, or to open your eyes.
Sometimes it's
scary to see, the truth of you and of me.
But you can't look deep within, unless you know where you've been. Don't give up on a
whim. You may be surprised at what you see. And maybe you'll find, it wasn't as bad as it seemed.

I know that life wears you thin. Makes you forget to begin. Until your light's feeling dim, then you react, but that's where you've been. Just don't go there again. That's when you write it all down, all the reasons you frowned and why you're still feeling down. Forgive yourself, and then forgive them. Then and only then, do you release all that sin.

Let's sit back for a while. Take a breath, learn to smile. :) Light your candle, your sage. Say a prayer, bless this place.
Then after we've relaxed, let's just get up and dance. Sing a song, maybe two. I bless me, I bless you.

See, there's no reason to be... uptight, sad or angry. If you still feel those things, then look inside once again. Do another blessing.
It seems so easy to blame. But there's no need in that shame. Learn to fight for your gain. Learn to rethink again. Look inside, first of all. You won't have far to fall. But if you look far away, and point your fingers and blame. You only further your strain, and still inside it remains.
It's the lessons, the pain. The unforgiveness, the shame. And there it will remain, until you decide to step back in, and you clean up your space. Until you can look deep inside, and see your own face
(your own sin); you won't be able to handle, any type of disgrace. Why would you want to live in that place?
Just be honest and open, to your own self, be true. Sometimes all you have, is simply the
truth. Can you learn not to condemn? You're so hard on yourself. But the madness (insanity) must stop. It's okay to need help. 

But you see, we can't always, do it alone. That's why inside we have
**(God's, Source's) Spirit, and it's called our soul. God told us to begin, to live life just like Him.
He gave us that right, after all, we are His children....He trusts in us; So why can't we simply, just trust in Him?
Well, that's why we're learning, to be the light from within.
The love that we hold, will heal and will cleanse. But we can't do anything, till we Stop and look IN. You can talk all day about who did what and who did it when. But it won't change anything, until you look at where you've been. (at your own sin
within). The things unresolved, that's the meaning of sin. 

Through God's grace we remain, we can be anything. We can go anywhere, if you only believe. He gave us this life, he gave us the reins. He gave us control of our body and our world. He gave
us the wisdom, to know, that we aren't alone. He connected us all, we can always call home. Just sit and relax, begin to meditate. That is our line (prayer), that is our gate. There's always a way that we can relate.

We have the power, yes, that is true. But only over ourselves; You can't control me, I can't control you. But look at the great things, we all could do. If we only started with ourselves, and changed our own views.
So there's no where you see, nowhere we can't go; If we just believe. And we can be anything, if inside we see. That it's through God's grace we remain, it's why we overcame. He gave us laughter and brains. What you choose to do with them.....well, that question remains. You can choose to be happy or sad all your days. Let's learn to BE love, and God's golden rays.

Through the good or the bad; Here's where I'll stay.

*grim: [adj.]
1. Unrelenting; rigid.
2. Uninviting or unnerving in aspect; forbidding
3. Ghastly; sinister
4. Dismal; gloomy
5. Ferocious; savage

*grimness: [noun]
1. The quality of being ghastly (ghastliness, gruesomeness, luridness
    frightfulness) - the quality of being frightful
2. Something hard to endure; (asperity, rigor, rigorousness, rigourousness, severeness, severity, rigour, hardship)
3. Difficultness, difficulty - the quality of being difficult; sternness - the quality (as of scenery) being grim and gloomy and forbidding

**God, He, Him: Source, a Higher Power that I call God (G_ah_d), The Divine energy of all that is, was and is to come.

Thunder Woman your Princess of Dawning Sings to Know the Breeze, the Song of the Heavenly Steves (crowns or kinsmen). And singing in the days of long, the purification that gets us home.

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