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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rainbows Believe in the Wind, We Are Here to Eliminate Sin

Aho Famiy on Hoop 3,

Bowing and Blessing the sacred nine directions, I bless myself, I bless the world. Sharing a song today with you.

I am listening to the winds. 
From the tree tops, diving in.
I am glistening from within
From purifying all that sin.
A sacred heart, a day to start, a loving song, sung from the heart.
Listening in, to all that smart, makes each day a work of art.
Blessings come, at first without.
But slowly they, will spring and sprout.
The more we bless, the more we sea
That this is love, eternally; that this is love from you to me.
And back around, from town to town, from Holy Ghost, to Heaven's crown.
The blessings come, from deep within (God, Holy Spirit, Holy Ghost, lives in each of us. Therefore, every time we do a blessing, we dew it through and by the grace of God).
To bless the world and to forgive.
We purify, start with ourselves.
Dig down deep and cinch your belt.
Light the fire (candle), to cleanse the mire (muck).
Light the sage (smoke, smudge) to cleanse your space. (dream space, meditation space, living space, your area, your body, soul and mind).
And bless the water to and fro, everyday. (pour from one cup to the next, to represent the waves (relatives). Bless the water when you bless your space).
It's not as much as it all seems.
Just pray and bless for everything.
Now fly and soar, all to the sound;
Of rainbow colors (families, relatives) all around.
Dance and sing, everyday. And don't think twice, about what you say.
The soul, it knows, the great display.
Yes, at first glance, words may seem stray.
But look them up, you'll be amazed.
And if you can, then beat the drum.
Or dance around, to someones hum.
And don't forget to meditate.
If we do all these, we won't be late.
And I tell you now, it's not so hard.
If we'll just ever, ever, make a start.
Just draw back and let it fly.
Shoot your arrow, to the sky.
That's as simple as it is.
To pray each day, to bless and sing.
To dance and drum and do nothing (meditate).
You can do it, yes you can. I know because, I'm the queen of cant's.
And putting off, till the next day, what I really need to do today.
Convincing myself, that it can wait.
But now I'm doing this for me (for you, for us, for family).
And if we get, on the ball now. We could be, the sacred bow, sacredness, the holy cow.
So, here's to giving all our praise, our light, our love, and all our faith.
To the glory of this wonderous haze : Our elders, yes, our warm embrace.
With a gentle push, they lead us on.
With a story told, they make us strong.
A lesson learned, because they knew. We'd have to hop, before we flew. 
Wisdom sought - and so they taught.
What is love - and what is not.
Lesson's worth their weight in gold. But what's inside, cannot be sold, what's inside is what we've sowed.
Money - that could never match. Money - that could never buy. All their wisdom or their soul. Oh, what they taught us about life.
So, here's to living in this great sacred time, in this great sacred place.
In this great sacred moment, and in love's sacred embrace.
It put a spring in our steps, and a smile on our face.
So, here's to all Rainbows, rising to the test; 
Hold your head high and stand up, we won't fall. For we are the chosen, and we are truly blessed.

Love and Blessings,
Thunder Raging your Princess of Dawning
violet child, rainbow warrior of prophecy 
{ violet, aqua, magenta, gray }

Thunder Woman your Princess of Dawning Sings to Know the Breeze, the Song of the Heavenly Steves (crowns or kinsmen). And singing in the days of long, the purification that gets us home!

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