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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A Prayer: Let's Do Our Part

Relatives of the Rainbow,
I want to pray for everyone today. I ask for love to guide us each and every day, in every thing we do, in everything we say. I pray for fast recovery and healing for everyone going  through any kind of illness or surgery or loss, or anything that will impact their lives in a different way.

I pray for everyone's spirits to be lifted so high, they feel like they are flying. (I wish I could do that for everyone. Wouldn't that be wonderful? (smiles) :)) Here's what we can do though, "I pray that everyday we each make it our goal to lift one person's spirits so high they soar". In the process, our's (hours) also will be lifted and the positive energies will flow in abundance when we share our love and our joy with someone else. And the circle will continue, because in return for lifting their spirits, they will want to lift someone else's (they will do it unconsciously even).

I pray you feel my love and know that things are looking up and life is wonderful. I pray you know that no matter what you're going through, it's a beautiful experience and a beautiful day. Because we are each, each other's life, and to be whole and really be one, we've got to let go and hold on at the same time, (let go) live your life, smile, love each other. Don't worry, things are as they should be. Share your joys, your pains, your weaknesses, and your strengths.  Someone, somewhere, WILL relate, (hold on) to each other.  Know that we are all family and are here to help each other. And BEE (dream) family. Be there for each other in any way you can. Give the unconditional love we are all capable of giving and let go of all the negative things that hold you down and even if it's hard on your heart, you will rise above and be so much stronger and more able to help whoever is going to need your help.

I pray you remember and/or know, that we go through "things" so that we are prepared and equipped to handle what is coming up ahead. Someone is going to look to you for help, for maybe even one reason only, "You know what they are going through, and they know this (we attract to what we know) and they need someone to relate to them". If not for your experiences, how could we know how they "really" feel. We could try to understand, and we can be empathetic (sympathetic), but as they say "it takes one to know one" and unless you've been through it yourself, you don't really understand (their mess).

I pray you know that we can still help even if we don't know what they're going through. Give them your love, sing them a song, say a prayer with them or for them; that will help them along.

I pray for everyone to be thankful for what they know, and thankful for our struggles that have helped us grow.  For we're the ones who will help everyone to learn to grow. To understand what it means to say "You reap what you sow". We will lovingly guide and lovingly flow. Without anyone or anything but love in control.

Let's pray for our Elders, the loves of our lives. Our foundations of knowledge and strength that survives. They are our beloved hearts, ears and eyes. They will help us learn how our Spirits do fly. They strengthen us sow much, we don't even realize, that they are our Earth, our Moon, Stars and Skies. They surround us all ways/always, their Love opened wide. Their Love is our life. Their Love is our guide. Their Love is to be respected. They should be lifted up high. They provide us with answers when questions arise; which leads to serenity. They bring Peace to our lives, they open our hearts and open our eyes. They train us and teach us to let Love be our guide.

I pray that we help them in any way we can, if we are able to at all, let's give them a hand. They are our Mother's, our Father's, our Grandparents, our Uncles and our Aunts. They are our Brothers, our Sisters, our Suns and our Paths. They show us the Way, the way that will last.

They deserve our respect and I pray we all understand. It's time to stand up, and do what you can. These are sacred days and We are the sacred ways that will get us thru, We will pave the way; it is time to walk the Sacred way (over the rainbow waves, through each other's heart).

Our Elders have paid their dues, I pray we remember it's time for us to pay ours. Give them our love, and fill up their heart. Dew what you can to do your part. I pray we do good and make them all proud. I wish we were with them, to help them out and I pray when we are, we show them we're proud to be by their side and walk with them now.

I pray for a beautiful world, today and all days. I love you, I laugh, I grow and I pray that you find your heart and learn how to play; Relax and have fun, enjoy your day. Send me some love in your glorious waves. I'm sending you mine, in this sacred haze (dreaming state). I love you all, have a very blessed day.

Love always and all ways,
Thunder Woman your Princess of Dawning
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