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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Song for today~Princess of Dawning sings~The Key to the road, on the path of your soul.~

The key to the road on the path of your soul is learning to fly without letting go. But then again, when dreaming's not sow. We've got to rethink what we think that we know.Before you think, first let it flow. The words that come out will prove what you know.It's only the things you were taught to let go, are all of the things you believed but were told they weren't so. But you have a mind and a heart of your own. To trust in yourself and all the things that aren't wrong.

The key to the road on the path of your soul
Is learning to smile and learning to flow.
With each more pure(light[burden-free], loving) thought, we're closer to home. 
Closer to all of  the things we have known.  Find the laughter inside, no matter how hard. The joy that you'll find sends love from your heart. Happiness is to life what the beat is to the heart. Laughter and love are a great place to start, to lead us all back, to find the joy in our hearts. 
So don't worry about where you need to start. Just think of one thing that brings a smile to your face. Then bring that one moment into your space. 
Then think of another and continue that way. Till you fill yourself up and you just want to play. Cause playing you see, spreads the joy in the world. Makes you and everyone want to jump and to twirl. Sow the good you do sea, can spread like the bad. If you'd just focus on smiles and not all the sad. Sow smile and walk light to the beat of your drum. And it won't be too long and you'll remember your hum- You'll know where you're from. We need only look, we need only sing. Remember to pray and say your blessings.

The key to the road on the path of your soul
Is the beauty we see/sea and what it beholds. There's beauty and grace in every place and in each every thing. We need only look, we need only spring. Smile and walk light to the beat of your drum. Cause the beauty we see/sea is where we are from. For each and every day, take a moment to sea, the beauty in you, the beauty in me.
And what we behold is our divinity.
Don't pass anything by in this chosen life. Look all around, take in all the sights. Make sure you observe all that you sea. There's glory everywhere, if you just set it free.

The key to the road on the path of our soul
Is remembering our flight, knowing our role. It's remembering that God made us this home. And His Spirit resides in us, each every one. It's remembering we chose to be here right now. The greatest of all the great. Do you see it now? God gave us a gift when He gave us free will. We knew what to do to keep our part of the deal. We made it this far by choosing the best that we could, to do right more than wrong. (And when we messed up, we admitted our wrongs). And God gave us the tools to help us along, to complete our mission, to finish our song. So on our way, we were able to bee strong. 

The key to the road on the path of our soul
Is knowing the heart of me is the mirror of you. And whatever I do is a reflection of you, And whatever you do is a reflection of me. We must all work together as one family. We are connected together through God don't you sea?
We are all a part of a flow of His energy. 
And this just goes on, his connective energy. As long as you feel you're a mirror to me. Do you believe?

The key to the road of the path of our soul
Is that a Higher Power (I call God) flows through our soul, through our body, our bones. Keeping us connected, one solid flow. Directing our flow, we follow, we go. In the loving mindful way, the way that we all dew know.

I bow and I bless the nine sacred directions in you and in me. I bless myself, I bless the world.

Thunder Woman your Princess of Dawning
violet child, rainbow warrior of prophecy

Charlene Sings to Know the Breeze, the Song of the Heavenly Steves(crowns or kinsmen). And singing in the days of long, the purification that gets us home!

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