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Monday, October 10, 2011

  • Medicine is WOMAN.  
  • An ELDER is one who does what they say, and contributes back into the society and communities for their young. We call this Hoop 1, those on the White Hoop, the Star people and branches that bow for the world.
  • Man is not medicine, not ever.  Man is light, moving on the red road, the path to the garden, and not to heavenly embracing. Everything has it's purpose. 
  • The term Shaman is another term for crook or thief, one who detours from the truth and often fearful of woman's power, attacking to control through fear. Real healing is done with love and compassion. Most men will use this term as well as White healers of the New Age.
This would be the best term used by the RED MAN, traditional healers.  Healing is done by WOMAN, where Man is an assistant, like priests.

Now, Medicine is Woman.  Woman is heavenly. Embracing is the heavenly task, to envelope for the ability to stream. This is what is called dark space, but really just unseen space.  Dark holes are merely flowing streams of heavenly dark space that envelopes you.  This is WOMAN.  The strongest man has the lesser medicine than the weakest female. DON'T FORGET THIS. TEACH THIS.  This is they way it is.

Now proper terms.  The sacred ceremonies and all the teachings of the knowledge of the stars, the story tellers, lies upon our hearts.  And much has been lost.  We will make up our way, the way and time will bend to the shifting sands. Evolution pushes us forth. Native Americans had to learn a new way, in order to understand the bending times.  

In the next phase of evolution, we shall carry forth 9 sacred ceremonies (rainbow bridge, gold, the next phase of evolution).  But 13 sacred ceremonies are gathering together (brotherhood) right now (carrying new sacred ceremonies) to the next phase of evolution.  Many shall make a contribution just like when the 7 sacred ceremonies came together.  Together the story gets completed and all contributed as our destiny permits.  These Sacred Ceremonies will be gifted by the Sioux Nation (western shore, rising sun) to all the Rainbow Clan, because it's their place in the Oneness. I tried to make exceptions to the Crowns, but even this was not enough.  You are Sioux or you are not, who will help guide all other Red man (story tellers) to share with the world. Lakota (standing 1), Dakota (wind 2) and Nakota (poles 4) each play a function to the whole of the Sioux Nation (breath, in and out, the snake moves through the waterways 2).

 Laughing Matriarch, our Rainbow Mother will help you remember with her laughing hyena, just where you need to jab you the right direction. Roll over she says, look at it another way.  This wave of turning, a force of love, like a screw driver pushing with force on a screw driving it into. This space into is where light streams, the rainbow colors of the universe through the hoops.  We ride the horses to get through the rings.  Woman enables.  Her heavenly force, gifts birthing. This is the dreaming state, magical journeys. This is LIFE.

Elder is not used properly. An Elder is loosely used to mean one who is older.  This does not mean wiser, just older. 

To a Native American, the older usually much wiser, really in most cultures.  However, Native Americans are the eldest souls of the talking world and youngest flesh on the walking world. They put tanka (spirit or breath) to the wakan (walking or journey), as if it is one journey. 

 Although this knowledge could be innate, the practice of daily spiritual access or daily prayers have lost their tradition.  Spending time in tradition of spiritual practice as well as living a holy or wakan life, means you walk and talk the same waves.  When we confuse what we say with what we do, and conflicts arise, we are not wakan or sacred walking along the journey. We are stuck  on a rotating Ferris wheel, rather than moving down the road, like a rolling rock or skipping rock across water.  Okay again, an Elder is one who does what they say.

Due to lack of tradition or spiritual activities among the peoples, due to bending times, those who are true to tradition are in hiding and fearful, because they lack warrior skills.  You question, "Is medicine elder a proper term?" My answer is, "Terms are made up, just like ceremonies."  This is not a proper term for anyone, but to those who wish to make up terms.  This is what I am here for (guidance, understanding), to bring back these ceremonies and rites for all the rainbow clan, but more to understand, we all have very important roles to play as a unified kingdom, Heaven upon Earth. For now, you a Violet Child, must voice this knowledge for others to become aware.  

    Good questions, high priestess, the violet child. Bless the world with fire, then show them how it's done, by standing upon the ridges, where the sun is setting dim. Then strike your mighty light, from within a shadow does fall and whirlwinds around me, I feel the mighty fall (circling around, like wings of clouds). Realize my witness, that heaven does bend around me, to make the clouds fall from heaven (streaming dreaming, rivers) to shed my light again. And on this mountain top, I will bow to greet the fall (rainbow), the stars who come from heaven (true elders, who are wakan), will teach us all again.

    Charlene Sings to Know the Breeze, the Song of the Heavenly Steves(crowns or kinsmen). And singing in the days of long, the purification that gets us home!

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