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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Rainbow Clan Treasures, Hues of Color in You and Me!

Beloved I pray
That you show me the way
I ask for your protection all around me
So that I may flow gently like the waves on the sea

I ask for your guidance to swim through my soul
And thank you for leading me back to my home
Free and happy, joyous me
I'm flowing with the gentle breeze
Loving, smiling, carefree soul
Swaying with that big tall Oak
Whistling with that shady tree
Home for you, Home for me
This is where I want to be
One with You, One with Me
Imagine it, if you can see
Imagine it, if you believe

Creators of our space and time
Creators of your world and mine
So let your mind bring up the past
Of leaves so green and tall blades of grass
Of golden wheat rolling fast
Making you float as you go past
The bluest skies you've ever seen

With hues of purple, pink and green
So, don't hold back, Let it show
Reap the treasures you have sown
Lazily float the river grand
Dive in the lakes throughout our land
Let us be ourselves again
One part of a whole Rainbow Clan~

 I Bow and Bless the Sacred Nine Directions
Thank You,
Violet Child, Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Charlene Sings to Know the Breeze, the Song of the Heavenly Steaves (crowns or kinsmen). And singing in the days of long, the purification that gets us Home!

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